Mineral Assay


In metallurgy and chemical analysis, an assay is a process used to determine proportions of precious metals in ores and other metallurgy substances such as silver or gold. It is important to use a precise method when identifying pollutants present within a sample, especially when certain metals in low concentrations indicate a high level of pollution in a mining site.

What is an assay used for?

an assay test determines the impurities present before sending a substance to a sorting facility. In conjunction with improved chemical-assay techniques, we use ‘robolabs’ at our concentrators and smelters.

These robotic laboratories provide rapid feedback to plant operators so that the dosage of reagents and other important parameters can be adjusted to maintain the optimum economic recovery conditions for the treated materials.

The assaying process is important to potential investors as the results can affect stock prices. Assayed metals are required to meet strict purity standards which often correspond to existing investment contracts. When assay results indicate the potential value of a mineral or ore extraction site, results may trigger a stock increase and value reassessment for the company. Conversely, poor mineral assay results can trigger a decline in stock prices.

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